Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

The mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is: 

Receive - Love - Share - Grow


We receive from God all that we have: life, faith, the Holy Spirit, grace, forgiveness, hope, family, friends, time, talents, resources - EVERYTHING! None of this is by our own merit, but Christ's!


We are to love God, and love others. As we have received unconditionally, we must love unconditionally.


In love, we then share the Gospel and all that we have received with others around us. Again, as we have done nothing to earn what we have received, we should neither share with discrimination.


When we live a life with the above principles, we will in turn grow deeper in our understanding, closer to God, and our church will grow in community.

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Our Vision

We strive to follow Jesus’ example to be an authentic Christian Family; Loving all by proclaiming the Gospel, meeting needs, and encouraging commitment.